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Windermere Elementary PTA is Windermere Elementary School‘s Parent Teacher Association. We strive to support and advocate for our children by partnering with staff, families, and the wider community to create a safe and healthy learning environment where students can excel and feel confident in themselves.

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You can join the Windermere Elementary PTA right now using our online store! You can also print out a membership form if you would prefer to make a nonstandard membership contribution or pay by check. Our minimum annual member dues is $20 ($5 for Windermere Elementary School staff).

Windermere Elementary PTA Annual Membership

When you join the PTA you join a community that encourages student achievement and enriches their learning environment. We believe in building partnerships between our families and our school. We believe TOGETHER we can help our children be successful. We welcome you to get involved with PTA to show your support!

You will receive the following cumulative rewards at each donation level:

  • $20 or more: A Windermere Elementary cling. Show your school spirit by placing this in your car’s window!
  • $50 or more: A Windy bag tag.
  • $100 or more: A Windermere Elementary power bank and tote bag. Use the UL-certified rechargeable backup battery for your smartphones and other devices.

Please note that PTA memberships are individual memberships, not family memberships. This is because a membership entitles you to vote at our general meetings. If you purchase more than one membership please remember to include names for each one. If you would like to contribute more than our membership fee please use our donation option after adding a PTA membership to your cart.

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Who can join? Parents, grandparents, teachers, staff, friends, and family! A discounted membership is available for Windermere Elementary School teachers and staff to join the PTA.

What will you receive? A membership card, voting privileges, monthly newsletters, plus local and national discounts. Additional rewards are also available at different contribution levels.

Windermere Elementary PTA is a 501(c)(3). Your membership contribution may be tax deductible.

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Why join the Windermere Elementary PTA? The number one reason to join the Parent Teacher Association is to benefit your child. You will also help your school. But there are many more benefits:

  • Get connected! There’s no better way to keep in touch with what’s happening right here at WES. Visit us often at or use our free app or our other social media outlets.
  • Discover great resources! The PTA offers a wide variety of programs designed for parents as well as students. Consider volunteering in the Media Center testing our students for the Accelerated Reader program or sign up for Arty Facts and teach students about the great artists of the world.
  • Tap into a network! PTA functions are opportunities to meet other parents and teachers, build rapport, and discuss issues that are on your mind. You can share ideas, concerns, and experiences. Plan on joining us for our General Meetings.
  • Watch yourself grow. By volunteering with the PTA you put your skills and hobbies to use for a great cause — your child and all children in the community. Help lead our Guardian Angels program to help those in need or assist with our Book Fair to encourage students to develop a lifelong love of reading.
  • Speak up. The PTA can be a way for you to more effectively suggest change at our school.
  • Witness improvement. By getting involved at your school you’ll be part of the solution and help make positive changes. Our PTA’s Mustang Stampede helps to provide building improvements, curriculum-based programs, and social events.
  • Be a role model! By becoming a PTA member you’ll be demonstrating to your child the importance you place on education. Students with involved parents are more likely to attend school regularly, pass their classes, earn higher test scores and grades, have better social skills and exhibit improved behavior, enroll in higher-level programs, and eventually go on to a post-secondary education.

The main objective of the PTA is to establish a partnership between parents, teachers and the community with the goal of helping students obtain a top-quality education. Windermere Elementary PTA provides information and resources to strengthen these relationships. We also sponsor numerous family events and educational programs and school programs. All parents, teachers, staff, and adults in our community and family are invited to become members! By becoming a PTA member your support will help us continue all of our important programs.

After joining the PTA please consider helping us with one of our open positions! There are also many other opportunities to volunteer working in one of our PTA programs or in the classroom.

Your PTA is Hard at Work…

Every year Windermere Elementary PTA provides many different resources, programs, and special events to benefit the students and staff at Windermere Elementary School. Our calendar is filled with activities for all grade levels. Please take a moment to review the information we’ve provided for you on this web site.

Remember, we are always in need of parents with enthusiasm and willingness to give. Please consider volunteering your time and talents to the PTA!

You can find the most recent information on what we’re working on in our news posts.

Coming in 2018-19

  • Our new filtered water bottle filling stations will be available throughout the entire school at the start of this school year.
  • Students will experience our log-awaited PE pavilion fans for the first time!
  • Further emphasis on our support for science and the arts.
  • We are investigating several potential landscaping improvements to enhance the school’s appearance and create a more welcoming environment for the students.
  • We’re determining how we can help enhance and improve the Media Center.
  • The school’s playground shade structures require maintenance.
  • This is the third year for our Learning Garden. This year we will be working hard to enhance and expand the garden and further utilize it to enrich our classroom activities. We will be adding signage, fruit trees, and tools to help with maintaining the garden!
  • Our Mustang Daughters Dance and Mustang Sons bowling night continue to be wildly successful and we plan to continue in the same vein this year.
  • Accelerated Reader is always hugely popular. We continue to dedicate volunteer time to this important reading program.
  • So many of our most popular programs require a substantial amount of volunteer work every year in order to come together — from the organizational, design, and decorating work involved with the Mustang Daughters Dance to the important classroom participation of our Arty Facts volunteers. These activities and events may now seem like a normal part of the WES experience but they only happen because of the constant effort of PTA volunteers.

The Windermere Elementary PTA executive board is made up of its executive committee, the WES Principal, and the chairs of its standing committees. Liaisons are not official executive board members but help coordinate with partner organizations.

Executive Committee

The executive committee consists of all of the elected officers of the Windermere Elementary PTA as specified by its bylaws.

Windermere Elementary School Principal


Standing Committee Chairs

Standing committees are created by the executive board as necessary to carry on the work of the PTA. Unlike chairs of special committees, chairs of standing committees sit on the executive board.

Committee Oversight

Most of our PTA programs are run by committee chairs working under one of our three Vice Presidents. Each committee, special or standing, is overseen by one of these Vice Presidents. Is there a position you’d like to help out with? Join the PTA or look at our list of open PTA positions.

This is an archive of the minutes and associated documentation recorded at Windermere Elementary PTA meetings.

Executive Board Minutes

Since 2016-17 school year our newsletter has gone digital and mobile-friendly. We have combined our messaging with the school and our information goes out weekly rather than monthly. The digital newsletter also supports ads, attachments, and web links. You will be able to opt-in to these newsletters at Meet the Teacher, you can text WINDERMEREES to 22828, or you can sign up for the newsletter using the button below.

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To help off-set the cost of the new digital newsletter we are always seeking sponsors and advertising. Sponsorships and advertising opportunities range from $50 to $5000 and are completely customizeable. If you have a business that would like to learn more about advertising in the newsletter please contact our sponsorship committee.