Mustang Daughters Dance

This Year’s Dance

The theme for 2019’s Mustang Daughters Dance is Dancing Under the Stars! All of Windermere Elementary’s Mustang Daughters are invited to a night with their special guy or other VIP in their life. The dance will be held again at the beautiful Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa. Desserts and juice will be served.

  • Dance reservations are only accepted online: $30 for one daughter and one VIP, or $40 for two or more daughters and one VIP.
  • You will not receive tickets for the dance and do not need a ticket or receipt to enter. Your names will simply be checked off of a master list at the door.
  • Photography packages can be pre-ordered at a discounted price when you make your online reservations or purchased at the venue for full price.

Dance Sponsors

Many thanks to our 2019 sponsors: Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa and Greenery Productions.

Previous Dances

2018: Roll Out the Red Carpet

In 2018 the Mustang Daughters Dance was again held at the Westgate Lakes Resort Ballroom with great success. The Roll Out the Red Carpet gave our girls and parents a special VIP night to remember. It was sponsored by Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa and Greenery Productions.

2017: The Enchanted Garden

In 2017 the Mustang Daughters Dance was held on a Saturday for the first time to allow dads to spend even more time with their daughters. The Enchanted Garden theme was inspired by our newly-planted Learning Garden and was held at the fabulous Westgate Lakes Resort Ballroom. The dance was sponsored by Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa, Greenery Productions, Key Lime Marine, and Lakeside Realty.

2016: Under the Sea

In 2016 the dance’s theme was Under the Sea. Our cafeteria, transformed into an underwater wonderland, welcomed more than 500 people. The girls enjoyed a photo booth, desserts from Dixie Cream Café, cupcakes from SWIRL, and yummy doughnut holes from Allen’s.